Slide I tell stories with honest photographs and write about photography for online and print. DOCUMENTARY

Slide DOCUMENTARY DOCUMENTARY PORTRAITS CONCEPTUAL WRITING PORTRAITURE CONCEPTUAL WRITING Currently, I am a photography editor for SilvergrainClassics, an international quarterly print journal focused on analog photography and a regular contributor to other publications.  My aim is to create images outliving the trends set by social media and to share knowledge about photography.

I document events and occasions, make authentic portraits, style scenes, and plan, execute and finish conceptual imagery for all occasions. Besides that, I write about traditional photography for magazines and blogs.
WHAT I DO Most of my work is darkroom based, traditional chemical photography: The craft of making an image. My approach is straightforward. I photograph and write with the aim to convey an authentic and honest representation of my subjects. I usually work with traditional photographic film and explore alternative processes to create unique images.
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Slide We know what the horrors of genocide look like because of photographs taken after the liberation of German death camps in 1945, of Armenians in 1915, of Herero in 1905 and of Tutsi murdered in Rwanda in 1994. We know what the blast of the first atomic bomb used to incinerate a populated city – Hiroshima – looked like, and how J.F.K was assassinated. As a collective human species, we know what our planet looks like from deep space, and generations to come will have a notion of New York City on September 11th 2001. And because of photography, authoritarian regimes to this day cannot simply claim that unarmed peaceful protesters standing in the way of tanks never existed and made no difference. They did and still do.

Even so, photography is more than a mere representation of history. Photography is subjective, interpretative and emotive. We can tell stories with images, shape the perception of our world and interpret our surroundings visually in a form that only the use of photography permits. A good photo can change the world; or at least how we see it.
I am a photography editor for SilvergrainClassics Magazine, an author for various other photography-related publications, a student of English, History and Social Sciences, and a photographer with a fundamental belief in the merits of traditional photography. I write in English and German, with a focus on balancing technical aspects with narrative and an inspiring story – put together with eye, mind, and heart.

The focus of my photography lies on documentary and portraiture with emphasis on non-staged, natural subject representation as well as repro and conceptual illustrative work.

I conceptualize, plan, shoot and coordinate photographic assignments with precision and an eye for detail, because photography matters. Currently, I am available for photo assignments in Germany and internationally for text assignments.


Slide A selection of my current photography including Documentary, Portraiture, Conceptual Illustration and mixed work, fitting neither category. CURRENT WORKS

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Slide Make it real. If you have anything in mind, don´t hesitate to get in touch. I´m glad to be hearing from you! CONTACT

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