A world of its own.





A glimpse beyond the apparent.

Shot on Ilford HP5 and Kodak Tmax 100.



Per usual, the attention in a theater is focused on some kind of human action – acting – with the inner workings of the very base for it all covered in black velvet and paint, sealed off and hidden away. A story told without actors:

A cathedral of catwalks and cables


An intricate spiderweb of cables, pipes, ropes and chains keeps the show running without anyone on the floor taking notice of it. Once beyond the stage, a towering and dimly illuminated blacked out shaft seems to extend up towards infinity – only disturbed by catwalks, cables and a staggering array of lighting equipment.


Traces of human (inter)-action ?

Signal to Noise Ratio


Almost all cabinets are covered with little notes, polaroids, postcards and – printed memes. A form of communication, a visual code breathing in life in hallways and building an atmosphere to create creativity.


Recent Portfolios

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